Seat Adapters and Backrests

We carry the largest selection of adapters for your snowmobile.  Making your seat comfortable for you and your passengers.

Seat Jack, Universal 2-Up Seat Adapters, Safety Harness

Youth Harness

Five point adjustable safety harness.  One size fitting just about every kid and adult.  Focus on controlling the machine and not your child.


Motovan 2-Up Seat Adapter

Motovan 2-Up seat adapter converts solo seats into a passenger friendly seat.  Can be combined with one of our backrests..     

Model (1): Ski-Doo, 97 Arctic Cat 121" rounded trunk

Model (2): Yamaha, Polaris, Arctic Cat angled trunk


Motovan 2-Up Seat Adapter $75

Universal Convertible & Adjustable Two Up Seat


This two up seat is made of a plastic backrest, arm rests and hand grips with a foam backrest pad.  It connects to your tunnel with universal steel  mounting hardware and 2 thumb knobs that allow you to slide the backrest forward and back a full 4".  The actual seat is a foam pad than straps down to your tunnel separately with quick releases (Motovan 2-Up Seat Adapter).  This package is complete with the adapter.

AU-EF003 Complete backrest and seat adapter $285

Seat Jack

Your only true double up converter with back rest.  Seat comes with track, additional ones can be purchased for easy transfer of the seat between snowmobiles.  Durable, comfortable with a secure backrest.  Different models are available to match your particular snowmobile, need to provide your snowmobile make, model and year when ordering..  



Seat Jack Installation

RX Jack Installation Instruction


Seat Jack $407
RX1 Seat Jack $495
REV 2003 Seat Jack $495
REV 2006/2005 Seat Jack $495
Pass & Fusion Seat Jack $495

Extra Track Rail Set


Heated Grip Kit (elements, switch, wrap, glue)



Rack Jack


The Rack Jack luggage rack is equipped with supports to carry portable gas containers and has an adjustable backrest for the driver.  It is easy to insall!


Rack Jack $399
Rack Jack (w/o tracks) $308

Bombardier Tundra Box Seat

Part Number

Fits perfectly inside the OEM rear carrier.  Blends smoothly with OEM seat to make a 2-Up seat.  Offers an emergency seat on and off the snowmobile.  Very useful enclosed storage space.
AU-896021 Tundra Box Seat $85

Kimpex Pro-Comford Backrest

Adjustable Backrest "Pro-Comfort"

100% Adjustable for snowmobiles no matter what size the tunnel.  This backrest offers a multitude of positions for better comfort for either driver or passenger.  the tunnel range is adjustable from 15" to 22".  It is constructed of metal and a strong UHMV where necessary.  All metal parts are painted with a black epoxy power base paint.  This backrest also features a leather covered foam back pad.

AU-KX12450 Artic Cat all models AFS, AWS &ZRT w/single or 2-up seat including mountain Cat  1988-99 $295
AU-KX124502 Artic Cat all models AFS, AWS, ZRT, MC with OEM cargo carriers 1988-99 $250
AU-KX124508 Artic Cat, fits on all Z, ZL, ZR, ZRT & ThunderCat 1998-2003 $260
AU-KX12450 Polaris all models indy with single or double seat and all SKS models 1988-2002 $299
AU-KX124508 Polars Edge Chassis $265
AU-KX12450 Ski-Doo all models formula F-2000/S-2000 with single or double seat $299
AU-KX12451 Ski-Doo all models formula with CK3 chassis $325
AU-KX124509 Ski-Doo MXZ, MXZX chassis with single or double seat 97-03 $325
AU-KX124501 Yamaha all EX, SR, PZ & VMax with single and double seat $325
AU-KX124508 Yamaha all PZ, SR, SRX & New VMax chassis 00-03 $265


Universal Deluxe Adjustable Slider Backrest

Designed to fit most all models of snowmobiles.  Available in 2 different heights (12" & 14") and widths


AU-KX12350 Fits 15-15 1/4" tracks (16-16 1/2" tunnel) 12" high $145
AU-KX123501 Fits 15-15 1/4" tracks (16-16 1/2" tunnel) 14" high $155
AU-KX12360 Fits 16-16 1/2" tracks (17-17 1/2" tunnel) 12" high $148
AU-KX12351 For AU-KX12350/AU-KX123501 (Order spacer and bolt kit  to install on 16 - 16 1/2" tunnel) $150
AU-KX12361 For AU-KX12360 (Order spacer and bolt kit  to install on 16 - 16 1/2" tunnel) $148
AU-KX123242 Sleeve- Spacer $2
AU-KX123247 Bushing Bolt Kit $5
  Headter Grip Kit (element, switch, wrap, glue) $42



Artic Cat Backrest


Artic Cat, all models 1989-95



Extra Rail Pair



Headter Grip Kit (element, switch, wrap, glue)




Artic Cat Backrest


Cougar                  89-94

El Tigre 6000         89

El Tigre EXT          89-94

Jag AFS, DLX       89-94

Wildcat 650, 700   89-94




RH Extra Rail



LH Extra Rail



Headter Grip Kit (element, switch, wrap, glue)




Ski-Doo Backrest


Ski-Doo Backrest

Formula Mach1 88-93

Formula MX, LT 88-93

Formula Plus, LT  88-93

Formula (all) 94-97

Safari (all) 94-97

Summit (all) 94-97

Touring 94-97



Extra Rail Pair



Headter Grip Kit (element, switch, wrap, glue)




Polaris  Backrest


Indy 400 89-98

Indy 440 XCR 91-98

Indy 500 (all) 89-97

Indy 580 XLT 91-97

Indy 650 (all) 88-97

Indy Lite 91-97

Indy RXL 85-98

Indy Sport 88-98/95-98

Indy Starlite 91-98

Indy Storm 91-98

Indy Trail (all) 88-98

Indy XC 700 88-98



Extra Rail Pair



Headter Grip Kit (element, switch, wrap, glue)


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